Rizse Autonomous Inspection Drone


A US made and manufactured drone designed to operate fully autonomously to perform aircraft GVI’s. DragunFly was purpose built to target Commercial, Military, and Business aircraft inspections.

Able to Identify:
Bird Strikes
General Visual Inspections
Paint Chips
DragunFly zoomed in top view
DragunFly rear view
DragunFly side belly shot
DragunFly top view drone image

Made in America

Designed and manufactured by Rizse in Austin Texas


DragunFly AI acts as a hive mind, learning from historical data and maintainer expertise

Predictive Maintenance

Dragunfly AI enables predictive maintenance through time-lapse issue analysis


Raid’s PRECISION SENSORS a capable of detecting defects .1M in size

Integrated with MRO Tools & Customer IT Infrastructure

Leverage your existing MRO tools. We work with your IT department to integrate your systems to streamline workflows and create a seamless experience.

In Depth Archives

Jumpstart predictive analysis, streamline maintenance schedules, and reduce operational costs by reviewing historical data.

Take Notes on the Fly

Augment reports with relevant data after an inspection.

Realtime Flight Monitoring

Track RAID's flight path progress as it inspects each aircraft.

Review Cards for Damage

Filter and review inspection reports by key data points.

Maintenance Organization

Maintenance teams can more effectively plan crew, equipment, and time required by using inspection data.

Damage Detection

Our detection engine identifies and determines damage type. Improve identification by modifying the collected data.

Gallery View

Quickly view inspection images, sorting on key metrics like location, confidence score, and review status.


Enables autonomous navigation in dynamic and GPS-denied environments. Creates high-resolution digital twins of aircraft.

One Click Activation

From veteran inspector to a day one technician, the RAID system was designed for one click activation.

Flight Time

A narrow body aircraft can be inspected in under an hour.

4K Camera

High-resolution image capture for precise damage detection.

Easy Battery Change

Battery swaps are as easy as unplug and plug-in.